5 things weird and unique about the Miss International 2010

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, November 7, 2010

Event to miss international competition has always been a target of women around the world, However that escaped into the winners are those who have more talent, sehungga can be a winner Miss Universe 2010 or Winner Miss International 2010
BEFORE crowned as Miss Universe 2010, Jimena Navarette became the most exciting topic discussed in Twitter. After she was crowned as the winner, thousands of fans busy-busy members of his Facebook Fans Page. These are five interesting things about women 22 years from Guadalajara, Mexico, was quoted as saying by People.
Here's 5 things unique about the Miss Universe 2010 or miss international 2010
1. Can answer difficult questions.
Jimena Navarette nicest most difficult question to answer well during the final (23 / 8). Namely, the question about Arizona immigration law which is felt strongly favor the entrants. Navarette answer was diplomatic and not cornering the pro or anti-immigration. This is the answer. "Each country is entitled to make and enforce its own laws," he said. "But one thing, we, the people of Mexico and Latin America, is the hard-working people who want to improve their quality of life," he added.
2. Become a model since their teenage years.
Since the age of 15 years, women who ride hobbies are boating and biking have become a professional model and has joined a professional fashion show as well.
3. Very loving his country.
During the session of self-promotion, Navarette not only serve the other contestants standard answer: ask the world more concerned with people living with HIV and breast cancer. But, Navarette also mentioned that he was going as hard as possible to let the world know Mexico. When asked what his most valuable, the answer. "My belt. Because, he has a Mexican name. And, I am very proud to represent my country, "he said.
4. Tofu recipes to be beautiful.
"I learned about the science of nutrition and I want everyone to understand that not a physical appearance that you feel in life," said the second Mexican woman who became Miss Universe Lupita Jones after it. "And, when your soul feel good and fine, your physical beauty will radiate," she said.
5. Like sensitive men.
"This is my advice for men worldwide. Be more sensitive, more affection, and more relaxed when expressing your feelings, "he said. And, apparently, Navarette was getting from her boyfriend, who has four years of a relationship of love, Pablo Nieto.

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