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Alexandria Mills Miss World 2010

Winner of Miss World 2010, Miss USA Alexandria Mills was named the winner of Miss World 2010 this time, at the peak night of the Miss World 2010 at the Beauty Crown Theatre, Sanya, China, last night. Alexandria Mills of the United States (U.S.) official last night the title of Miss World 2010 on the final night held in Sanya, China.Mills managed to beat more than 100 beautiful women from around the world to be able to get the prestigious crown. below is the winner of Miss World 2010 Photos

Shock mingled disbelief and happiness evident in the face of Mills, 18, when his name called as winner of the presenter Angela Chow. Blond girl did not seem able to stem the tears from his eyes when the Miss World 2009 Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar put the crown on her head and guided him to the front of a throne-shaped jewel. Miss World final night of this year to coincide with 60 years of the prestigious beauty pageant in the world.

Mills managed to put two closest rivals, namely Emma Wareus of Botswana, who won the title of runner-uppertama and Adriana Vasini from Venezuela, which sits as the runner-upkedua in the final night of Miss World 2010 that. In an interview on the official website of Miss World, Mills interested in the world of photography. "I want to travel the world and a career in landscape and architectural photography. I also want to study in the field of photography, "he explained. Mills had just graduated from high school were admitted dreams of becoming a teacher.

"I have never met a stranger and happy to meet new friends," said Mills at the Miss World website. While representatives from Indonesia Miss Indonesia 2010, Asyifa Latif, not successfully won the league in the event, which opened with a traditional Chinese dance was a very riveting. In the event this universal queen Asyifa continue to promote the beauty and hospitality of this Indonesia.Ajang considered particularly appropriate to continue to promote Indonesia to international. "I am pleased to tell you about the puppets, batik, and the dagger which is the Indonesian heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO," said Asyifa. Dara sweet from West Java is also always explain about Indonesia which has more than 15,000 islands.

"The population of many, food, and others. I tried to convince them that Indonesia is very exciting to be a destination location, "he said. The event was also enlivened by a world-class saxophonist, Dave Koz, Puerto Rican singer Carlos Aponte and Shayne Ward. In the evening the final peak, all the Miss World contestants appear on stage with the action called Dances of the World.Aksi It begins with the appearance of Brazil, followed by India. While at the end of the final night, all contestants are on stage to sing the song One World as a symbol of their united in one voice.

All contestants then reappeared on stage wearing a white shirt and silver, to support their performances in dance clothes Jewels.

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