recording a conversation during a shooting in Arizona

Posted by pak yons on Monday, January 10, 2011

occurrence of a shooting in Tucson Arizona, United States, which according to CNN reports has killed 6 people and injuring 14 others. Case in Arizona shooting makes Arizona's upset because according to the news people who become targets or target shooting is a member of the American Congress. The day after the shooting incident Pima County police issued a statement recording telephone conversations to the 911 emergency line. Police also have to know the chronological occurrence of these shootings
This is the chronology of the shootings and conversations that had recorded the time of the shooting in Arizona.

911: Hello
Caller: Oh, 911. There was a shooting at Safeway, where Gabrielle Giffords is located, and I'm sure Gabrielle Giffords affected.

911: In the Safeway, yes, sir?
Caller: Yes, at Safeway.

911: There is a victim?
Caller: Looks a man with a semi-automatic pistol. He came in, straight shot, then fled.

911: To which direction his run?
Caller: He ran to the north through Walgreens, next to Safeway.

911: Can you describe that person?
Caller: He's wearing a hoodie (hooded shirt).

911: Hoodie what color?
Caller: Black.

911: What color pants?
Caller: It seems like wearing blue jeans, and he wears a black sweater.

911: There are injured? Did you say Gabrielle Giffords hurt?
Caller: He's injured. I think he's still breathing. He was still breathing. His heart was still beating ... There was one who died.

911: There are others who are injured?
Caller: The shooting is about some people.

911: Oh my God.

and post-shooting incident, the police are still receiving complaints of victims whose names are still in secret for the sake of investigation.

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