5 Things that Make a Secure Financial

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, May 20, 2012

According to the survey, finance is one thing that most often create the problems in the family. This is not surprising. Because, the money often become topics of conversation are sometimes invited emotions. When the less, it is definitely a lot that needs to be suppressed. But, even when excessive, sometimes inviting a debate about where the money will be allocated.

For that, make future plans are well ordered. One of them, with a systematic financial planning and is based upon the agreement of all parties. With precise and accurate calculations, financial problems can be anticipated. And certainly do not need to appear commotion here and there.

So, what should be considered in order to finance can be managed properly so that we feel safe and comfortable?

• Make careful planning to open another discussion with your partner. As much as possible
  allocated equally between the needs of primary, secondary, and tertiary. Because, in addition to basic needs,
  as humans we also need entertainment and recreation. If not planned properly, it can be
  sources of waste. However, if the schedule has been made well, the holiday will definitely be in addition to saving
  fun and refreshing the mind.

• Invest first, then spend the money. Set aside your funds early in order to invest the time you receive a salary.
  Do not think that the investment must be large. For if the routine, though initially small investment-through system
  air-interest rate will be of considerable value. By "forcing" the money is invested
  first, then when the daily shopping needs and other needs, we are sure there is a "residual"
  to be stored as a future investment.

• Set aside some income to buy insurance. Indeed many people are still hesitant to
  buy insurance. Because it was thought, money is often forfeited if the purchase of insurance. And with
  insurance, we are like an umbrella ready before it rains. There are many benefits to be obtained from
  health protection, accident, and death can be a lot to help themselves and their families.

• If possible, set aside money in investments that timeless, ie, gold and land. Already
  so secret that the gold and land values ​​always rise. In fact, its value is almost never affected
  by economic conditions. Of course, caution is needed to save when buying gold or land.
  However, in terms of its value continues to rise, the gold and the land has always been a better recommendation
  compared to other investments.

• Interested to invest in mutual funds? If so, be sure to invest in accordance with age. That is, the older
  and the more dependents, do not be too many to choose high-risk mutual funds. However, when
  still young, try experimenting with more mutual funds that tend to take a risk, but
  Also more results. With a mutual fund investment approach based on age, then we would be able to
  feel comfortable with what we invest.

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