4 Features To Look For In Credit Card Airline

Posted by pak yons on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Credit cards of airlines continues to gain popularity in recent years. Airlines and other companies related to the travel industry to the benefit of customers in order to more frequently use their services and strengthen brand loyalty. Consumers with good credit history to get greater benefits from their credit cards. Basically airline credit cards operate the same way, the purchase is charged to a credit card that gives cardholders points for travel, these points can be redeemed for a variety of ways, such as contributing to free travel, hotel stays, care in a car wash, etc.. Four features that should be considered when choosing a credit card airline written below:

Low Interest Rate:
The cost of credit is measured in terms of an annual percentage rate of interest. A good credit profile helps to get a low annual percentage rate, which is + 4%. Most credit cards offer a "variable rate" in which the percentage change in annual interest run certain economic indicators. The interest rates vary by card and is influenced by other offerings such as the grace period, annual fees, bonus points, etc.. A card holder who does not carry a monthly usage does not have to really worry about interest rates, but those who transact their balances forward can select from a number of airline credit cards that impose low interest rate. Some cards offer an introductory rate with 0% interest on balance transfers for a period of time, usually 12 months.

Spending limits:
Limit credit card spending limit airlines can vary from several million to hundreds of million rupiah. Monthly minimum payment can increase with higher spending limits. Some credit cards allow users to spend more than the credit limit, but settled penalty fees to be paid in the following month it was. Credit card bills can quickly balloon to unmanageable proportions. Therefore, someone with wasteful behavior are advised to carefully consider the spending limits that have been set before a credit card flight.

Compatibility with other frequent flyer program:
It is important to check whether the airline credit card offers this feature. Portability mileage desirable because it allows the freedom to use the services of more than one airline for redeeming points. By not tied to one airline, the user has increased the number of destinations to choose from. Credit Card Bank-sponsored airline offers greater compatibility with a frequent flyer program compared to airline credit cards which usually focus on a single airline.

Annual Fee:
There are some airline credit card that does not charge an annual fee. Non-airline credit card that allows users to collect mileage is usually free of charge. The purpose behind the fee is to fund free mileagel and other free things. Average annual fee for a credit card airline is around Rp.700 thousand.

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