Obesity relationships while pregnancy and Autism

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, December 25, 2012

obesity pregnancy...THE American researchers claimed no connection between the condition of obese women during pregnancy to autism in children. autism pregnancy, Studies conducted at the University of California suggest that pregnant women with the condition are overweight increases the risk by 67 per cent to have a child with autism.

The results of a recent study in the U.S. revealed that parents now face the prospect of one of 88 children born with autism. While this study revealed that pregnant women with obesity increases the likelihood of it being 1 of the 53 pregnancies.

obesity pregnancy...The study involved about a thousand children in California between the ages of 2-5 years. Nearly 700 children of whom had autism or developmental conditions hampered others.

Dr. Daniel Coury, chief of developmental and child health at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio said in addition to the condition of autism, pregnant women with the condition of obesity also increases the likelihood of children born with developmental delay problems anyway.

autism pregnancy..In addition to genetic conditions, maternal health, and the possibility of the mother using certain types of medications are also taken into account the researchers about the possibility of autism in children.

From the conclusion of researchers, as quoted by Fox News on 9 April 2012, obesity-related inflammation and sometimes increase the level of blood sugar. obesity pregnancy, Excess blood sugar levels as well as substances that increase inflammation in the blood of pregnant women can reach the baby and interfere with brain development.

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