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Air Travel Tips for Pregnant Women
air travel pregnancy...CONDITION pregnant is not an obstacle for air travel. However, in order to remain comfortable during the trip, there are a few things you need to prepare.

travelling in pregnancy..Here are some things you need to prepare before making air travel as we have quoted from page

Before you go
- Consult with your doctor to get the best advice on how to conduct safe flight while pregnant. For example, like what to bring and what to do in case if something happens.

- Check the policies of the relevant aircraft rules for passengers who are pregnant. Some aircraft memperbolekkan you travel if you have a doctor's certificate. But there are also women who do not allow passengers on board (especially if the birth was imminent calendar)

- Message of the most comfortable airline seat when trying to book tickets, for your convenience while on the move.

That should be taken

- Provide finger foods. In fact, sometimes a short flight delays. In addition, to avoid serving snacks from the aircraft which may not suit your taste

- Do not forget to bring a mini pillow to put your back. Bring a small blanket or shawl as well just in case if the air conditioning is too cold on the plane.

- Buy extra mineral water while in the airport because several airlines only provide mineral water view of small amounts.

D-Day Flights
- Try to arrive at the airport earlier than an hour flight so that you are not in a hurry to reach the crash site

- Should be stretching the body before boarding a plane

- If possible, when it is in motion planes do occasionally get up from a chair and then sit back, every half hour.

- If you have to stay in a chair, just drive around your ankles to prevent leg cramps.

- Drink plenty of water because the plane will be faster dehydration, especially in long journey

travelling in pregnancy, Hopefully the above tips useful for those who intend to travel with family vacations. Happy holidays

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