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Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The program is very easy to do, a program of "free dollars" which I feel most easily followed by anyone, even though you are a beginner.

Program "for free dollars" was presented by an online advertising company that has collaborated with Internet giant Yahoo! That will disburse dollars to us for all the activities we do on the internet.

Advertising company name which I mean here is interadmedia. Maybe between you've ever heard this name before. Through this simple blog, I'll try to describe how to apply and how to browse to get the money from this interadmedia.

How to Apply in interadmedia:

A. Please click HERE and then click the menu / link "Join and Start Browsing" in the right page. Consider the following figure.

B. Furthermore, we will open an online registration page. Please Fill the registration form online with your data is valid.
How to fill out the registration form:
- Title: select the one with yourself.
- First Name: fill with the first name (beginning) of your
- Last Name: fill it with your second name (family name)
- Phone: content with the number telp. / hp you, starting with our country code +62.
- Street Address: content with your current residence address
- Suite: blank
- City: content with a city / region your domicile
- Country: choose Indonesia
- State / Province: select a province where your domicile
- Postal Code: fill in your postcode area of residence
- Email: fill in your email address is still active and valid
- Retype Email: Please enter your email re the
- Password: create your password
- Retype password: re-enter your password
- Payment Payout: select "Paypal" and fill in your email address paypal (paypal account) you are the appropriate box on the right side under the heading "Please enter your Paypal address below". If you do not know and do not have a Paypal account, please click HERE
Referral: fill it with 24 667 .

After filling in the registration data with the correct and complete, then click the "Register" to register and submit your form to the parties interadmedia. Next, you must confirm your registration and activation via e-mail. Please look in your email inbox automatic email delivery of interadmedia with subject: Activation Mail from interadmedia.com. Click the activation link to activate

C. Login and Browsing
After activation, then you can login to your member area to start browsing and making dollars. Click on "Browse Users Login" on the right and enter your e-mail address and password that you submitted the appropriate box below and click the button "Users Sign In". Every time you want to log in to earn dollars, then always use this way. Even if you are in figuring out this business-even can keep it running, itung-itung compensation cost for internet cafe ...

D. Next, you will enter the member area as shown below. There you'll see the amount of your income is still $ 0000 because you have not done a paid activity that is browsing. Well, to make browsing a paid, please click the menu "GET PAID TO BROWSE."

Each time you click the button "Get Paid to Browse" and it will display "Terms and Conditions" are the rules of interadmedia as in the following figure. Scroll to the top to find the button "Start Browsing" at the bottom. Do not forget to check the "I Agree Terms and Condition" before clicking the button "Start Browsing" TSB.

E. Then the page will appear "Browse The Net With Yahoo!" as shown below. You can do a search by entering a keyword to your search query in the search box and click the Search button. Or you can not do anything or just let the calculation of running time per minute while doing the activity in the other window, for example, open the site began, playing FB, chat, open the e-mail, etc..

Only when the calculation time has reached five minutes it will display a warning if you want to go or stop. It reads like this "You have not been active in the last Few minutes. Click here to stay active after 30 seconds or you will from be logged out" click on the (first) fixed for further browsing. Or if you want to stop click on "Stop browsing and logout" (2)

If you do not have time to click on anything it will automatically stop itself and you only get 5-6 minutes of payment. But do not worry, you can start again with probably the same way above. Click again on the "Get Paid to Browse" to run the calculation time to return.

F. Well, that's all you need to do. Every time you open the internet, do not forget to open the first direct and logged in member area you interadmedia and do the things on top so that you remain productive time online aliases generate.

Special Tricks!

To further maximize your income going to give my special trick that every five minutes does not happen auto_log off, are you tired if every five minutes have to click back and forth from the Zero agrement and replay....!!! -I use this trick already and successfully .....

On your browsing window in the link blanknya usually to write the address link (http://interadmedia.com/advertise.php) <- that's you then click Enter aja but after exiting the countdown seconds when it was 5 minutes. "But remember the second counter do not let more than 30 sec, if possible in the early seconds of aja ", so you must be patient to wait for five minutes at first. After that you can Browsing else: whether it's facebook, chat ..., joining PTC, Nge-Blog or any other activity, or was left out .. jg GPP increasingly CPT PayOutnya not tul! 7. Withdraw your earnings you can ask the commission (Withdraw) to your PayPal account if you have accumulated commissions of at least $ 25. How: Click menu "Payout Management" and select "Withdraw Funds" and then select the amount you wish to withdraw it and click the "cash out".

how it works is very simple. You'll get paid $ 0001 per minute browsing or $ 0.06 per hour. Online 10 hours a day if it means you can $ 0.6 and this means a month to $ 18. Quite right for your internet pay-per-month bills. This work yourself if you know, if you refer and encourage other people then you will get 10% of your referral commissions without reducing the commission earned by your referrals TSB.

If the count is calculated, the commission $ 0001 is very small because if dirupiahkan only around Rp.10, - or about 600 per hour. Maybe you think that this is just a job in vain, and greater spending (Internet access costs) than the income derived. You are right, but if you know the "doubling effect" then you will be glad to run a "fun job" is.

What is Doubling Stock? Yes, you do not work alone ... but ask your friends or anyone to be your referral. Because you will get an additional commission of 10% of the amount they earn without reducing their income. Illustrations income you may earn if you successfully invite 100 people referral is as follows:

For example each person is only capable of browsing the 3 hours (180 minutes) each day:
Your daily earnings: $ 0001 x 180 minutes = $ 0.18
Your monthly income (eg 25 days): $ 0.12 x 25 days = $ 4.5
Your referral daily income: $ 0001 x 180 minutes x 100 people = $ 18 (your 10% Commission = $ 1.8)
Your referrals monthly income: $ 18 x 25 days = $ 450 (your 10% commission = $ 45)
Your total income = $ 4.5 + $ 45 = $ 49.5, or about 500,000, -/month

The result is quite right? Yes, at least pay for the cost of Internet access to get internetan much as you like at home :-) I'm using IM2 Broom Unlimited Access at a cost of Rp 100,000, - per month and can be used unlimited 24 hours a day every month. With unlimited access 24 hours of this so I can run this program as a side aja 50-10 hours per day while still running my primary business.

The calculation above is an example that everyone online just three hours more per day. In fact many people are online longer than that (like I get to 10 hours per day), also for those who work office and get a free internet facility from the office.

The above calculations we also achieved when the number of referrals we have only 100 people. What if in 1000 or one million people? Is that possible? Everything is back on ourselves. Remember, we can look for referrals from internet users around the world whose numbers billions of people. In Indonesia alone the number of Internet users has reached 35 million people.
How? Are you interested in dollars than Yahoo and dredge interadmedia? All decisions in your hands ...

For a list click HERE
what if you want to know my income in this program please sms me at 08989505957
Good Luck ...
source : http://isomabur.blogspot.com/

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