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Halloween is an annual Moment commemorated each year on 31 October, hellowen the scene of the party, and show off costumes at the celebration hellowen strange place ..

Hollywood celebrity wearing Halloween costumes typical of the bizarre, you can do it. Even if you still do not know what costume will you wear, ten celebrity Halloween costume ideas can be your inspiration.

hellowen is synonymous with horror costume that makes the wearer look scary, but many also wear a funny costume hellowen.

Here are 10 top Halloween costumes best 2010-style celebrity, who quoted from Hollyscoop:

a. Lil Wayne

Rapper singer from the United States is close to life imprisonment. Therefore, there is no harm for you to wear a costume a la Wayne.

Lil Wayne-style costumes hellowen prison clothes, facial and full body fat, wig dreadlocks, and the body decorated with a prison uniform. If you do not want to go to jail, wearing prison clothes with dirty jeans, and some gold chains could be a good choice, in ilut hellowen feast.

b. Avatar

In the movie "Avatar", Neyteri actually appear "hot" with a body clad in body painting. This appearance is the perfect update for you girls who wear at Halloween Catwoman figures in each year.

To you who are interested in appearing like Neyteri, the money you have to prepare approximately USD59, 99.

c. Harry Potter

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" will be released on 19 November. The film was created for all of fan of Harry Potter around the world ..

Shown like the characters "Harry Potter", both the main actor himself, Harry Potter, or Hermione will make you look more cool at a Halloween celebration this year.

d. Willow Smith

Willow Smith's hair was a trend since the launch of her music video "Whip My Hair". Willow way of celebrating the feast hellowen by looking costume complete with support can be an alternative choice when celebrating a party this year .. hellowen

For those who want to do it, can download up and go to two stores Forever 21 and American Apparel.

white uniform, dreadlocks, painter and diamond decorated sticks, as an accessory that will make you more excited hellowen celebration. Do not forget to wear a wig that can make you look like a Willow. And also, be sure to whip your hair when walking around town. And make sure you are getting too cool hellowen celebration.

e. Lindsay Lohan

This is a great option for those of you who do not have much time, and make choices in terakhir.yang time you have to do is Take a stringy blond wig, color in some spots, and wearing an orange jumpsuit that make up your body. And you'll get a view like Lindsay Lohan at a prison population. Hellowen

f. Nicki Minaj

Nikki Minaj is one of the hottest artists today. Extraordinary fashion taste is one reason why fans want to dress up like him at Halloween.

to appear like Nicki Minaj, you just wear a pink wig complete with bangs, pink lipstick, eye shadow turquoise, and tight leather pants or latex which gives the appearance that looks the same and enjoy your hellowen party.

g. Tiger Woods and mistresses

Tiger Woods scandal turned out to be an inspiration in hellowen celebrate this year. Actually this trend is already in the start of the festival hellowen last year. And, this is a trick-or-treaters will first make you like tiger woods

for those of you who want to wear a costume hellowen like Tiger Woods, the steps that you can do is to search for golf apparel complete with equipment, or two to three dozen golf balls. As long as that person has been on the golf course, the girls can wear anything. And usually the favorite is Leg Avenue.

h. Girls Glee

Glee, television star who returned on the rise. You can Get a classic look and be herself in her school outfit from Leg Avenue, or show a little crazy by copying the style of Glee Gone Wild-style shooting magazine GQ.

i. Snooki

This is another surprise if you want to appear like a star of reality show "Jersey Shore", Snooki. Owner Nicole Polizzi original name is very popular with her red hair that was one of the most searched for item wig Halloween party this year.

j. Lady Gaga to dress their meat

Before you go saying, "Dressing up like Lady Gaga is soooo last year," think again! Because the dress worn meat chanter "Bad Romance" will be a favorite item on 31 October.

According to opinion polls, the idea of meat dress has become the number 1 costume to a Halloween party.

To get a view like Lady Gaga to dress the meat, you can do two ways. That is, with an easy route, or routes that are difficult. If you do not use raw meat touches the skin naked, check the version of the SNL-esque.

But if you're as crazy as Gaga, you can head over to the local grocery store, and buy meat! A meat carver recently said it would take 15 to 20 pounds of flank steak and at least 10 hours to create the gown of meat.

Do not throw away the T-bone, because it can be used for helmets! Dress the meat will only cost approximately USD1.000. how you are interested to try it out?

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