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Halloween is an annual celebration that became routine in the celebration of American States.
Many kids wear costumes race from house to house asking for treats. A carved pumpkin, called, jack-o'-lantern grin from the porch as the children graduate. According to legend, jack-o'-lantern to protect the people in their homes from the spirits of ghosts.
This is all part of the fun on Halloween! The roots of Halloween stretch back thousands of years and borrowed customs from some parts of the world.

Halloween is a national holiday celebrated on 31 October. Hellowen celebration, Halloween started after sunset. At first the people believed that witches gather together and explore the world of ghosts on Halloween. Today, most people no longer believe in ghosts and witches. But this supernatural creature is still a very close part of Halloween.
The colors black and orange is also the dominant color of Halloween. Black is a symbol for the night and orange is the color of pumpkin. A Jack-o'-lantern is a blank-out pumpkin carved with her face or in carved on one side. Candles are placed inside, providing a very scary grinning face.

Helloween costume

Wearing masks and Halloween costumes are a lot of activities done during the celebration hellowen. Can traditional costumes and scary, like a pointy witch hat and black dress. Costume may also have a modern flavor. Lots of kids dressed like your favorite movie character or superhero like superman, batman and the other animated figures
But Halloween is not just for kids. Many adults enjoy showing off their costumes at the Halloween party, even the celebrities do not want to miss celebrating Halloween with costume interesting

After wearing the costume, the children go from house to house saying "Trick or treat" In the past, children can play tricks "on people who do not give treats!. They may be pelted with eggs or tomatoes home long, or playing other pranks. Today, the cries of the children "Trick or treat" is usually rewarded with candy!.

Halloween HOW TO BEGIN?
One of the oldest Halloween tradition comes from the ancient Celts, who lived in the old west and central Europe. Celtic celebrate the holiday known as Samhain on October 31st. After the sun set that day, people believe that spirits of the dead will rise and walk the earth. Celtic made the victim of food and beverages to keep the spirit going.
Beginning about 2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire conquered the Celtic lot. But the Celtic tradition, including Samhain, remains strong in areas such as Ireland and Scotland, even after the Roman conquest.
Roman Catholic Church tried to replace Samhain at 835 with All Saints' Day, a day to honor the saints of the Church. Toward the Day of All Saints' is 31 October. This is called Allhallows or Hallowmas by the Church.

Halloween first came to America with early settlers from the territory of Celts in Europe, like Ireland and Scotland. But other American settlers with strict religious beliefs, including the Puritans of England, refused to Halloween. The arrival of many Irish immigrants during 1800 to help spread the popularity of Halloween's.
But in the 1800s, fewer people believe in ghosts and witches of ancient superstition. Halloween became more of a holiday for children to receive treats and dressed in costume.

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