Financial Plan With Pair

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, May 20, 2012

Financial Plan With Pair

Financial Planning KeluargaKeuangan family often nauseating. How to manage finances in order to get to a month. Sometimes, the husband gave the wife's family's financial arrangements, and often times if such were not sufficient to finance the end of the month, there was a problem.

This is why the family's financial planning should be done together - as partners with the full understanding of each other. Because, according to many studies, one of the main domestic source of the problem is financial.

Therefore, Lea Ann Knight, CFP, a financial advisor and member of the United States Association of Financial Advisors, NAPFA, said that the need for two-way communication that is running a draw for the financial planning can be fun and not to burden one of the parties. The following tips are recommended Lea Ann that perhaps you can apply:

    Know the types of couples. There are two types of people in financial management: Spender and Saver. Such means, spenders are typically people who likes to spend money. While savers are more likely to save and manage money. If you already know what type your partner, then you can start a discussion about family finances.
    Remember that you both are a team. Set goals and financial plan must be understood together as a goal that both parties should be implemented with discipline.
    Find time to talk about money. Do not be, talk about finances when one partner in a poor mood.
    Understand also that not all have the same and agree. You and your partner are two different individuals, and certainly not always agree on everything, including the family in terms of financial arrangements. Mutual correction, mutual evaluation, will be a fun moment that financial planning can be more dynamic.
    Do not hesitate to seek the help of a third party. For example, by visiting a financial planner. Like a mirror, we can see a lot of advantages or disadvantages to ask for help from others.

Family financial planning is sometimes difficult, but a discussion with your partner, then the financial planning can be easily done. With a transparent and open communication with your partner, family financial planning can be more prosperous ...

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