Preparing the Education Fund

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, May 20, 2012

Preparation for the Education Fund AnakBiaya education increased from year to year. If not prepared from an early age, may be later we can have difficulties with children's education. In anticipation of this, there are some things to be done so that we can set aside for the education of our children's future ...

    Determining the "Candidate" School Children. Do not be, children are "forced" to schools with less according to his ability. And, see also our financial capabilities as a parent. Determine the number of schools that match the capabilities of our children and our financial capabilities.
    Calculate the estimated cost to the highest level. How our ability to finance the education of our children should look at. For that, try to find as much information as possible about the likely costs should we remove it from kindergarten to college.
    Estimate the rate of inflation and interest rates. Usually, the idea of ​​inflation rate, the cost to be paid in the future we can be more accurately estimated. Do not be, this time value of money "is considered" large enough, in the future turns out to fall dramatically in value.
    Try to set the number to be issued per month to fund education. After knowing what it takes, discipline yourself to set aside money, either save or buy insurance to education - so that the existing reserve fund that is really ready sometime in the future.
    Consider an investment that will be used to set up education funds. Inflation rates, interest rates, and various events that can not be expected in the future should also be anticipated. One of the minimal investment risk is to invest money in insurance education. Because, if anything happens to us, then the insurance will soon cover all the costs.

Children's education is primary and has the duty of parents to put the interests of any child. By setting up a fund for the education of children today, children's education can be more assured. Well, what are your options? To be sure, do not defer to the child's education plan. The sooner, the better for you and your child.

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