Human Food Safe For Dogs

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not all foods eaten by humans is safe for dogs. The rest of the food in the kitchen like soup, bread, vegetables, and even ice cream often we give to the dog.

Most human food is also good for dogs. But that does not mean all is safe for dogs. Any human foods are safe to eat dogs?.

peanut butter
Dogs can be fed peanut butter in addition to protein and fiber for them. But not a lot to give to the dog. One tablespoon is more than enough.

Choose natural yogurt that does not contain any flavorings, preservatives and not too sweet. Which is more sour yogurt yogurt indicates the decay.

Feed the dog with lean meats can also be done. Moreover, most dry dog foods also contain meat. But remember, do not cook the meat with a strange mixture of ingredients such as alcohol.

Salmon Fish Meat
The content of omega-3 in salmon is good for human health, as well as dogs. So the food is safe to eat one our pets.

Pumpkin and Potato
Both of these food sources of beta carotene and vitamin A is good for the body. Give the dog at all times for their digestion.

Rice and noodles
Feeding rice and noodles in dogs is also allowed. But avoiding fatty sauce mixture and lots of acid in them.

Apples are one of the dogs favorite snack. In addition to delicious, apples are also good sources of vitamin A and C are good for dogs.

Legumes are nutritious foods that are low in calories. In addition, legumes also contain vitamin C and K. So peas are very safe to eat dogs.

Human food can be enjoyed by dogs but still the best food for a dog food that is made ​​specifically for dogs to calculate their nutritional needs to be balanced and fairly.

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