Bringing Safety Tips Dog In Car

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not only humans, but also dogs should be kept of security and safety when traveling. In the car, no seat belts, air bags, and even a special chair for babies that protects you and your family when traveling. So what about the dogs? Consider bringing a dog safety tips while traveling, as quoted from She Knows (01/05) below.

The front seat
Do not put a dog in the front seat, but the seat should be the middle or back of the vehicle. Also, do not assume the pet dog because it can disturb your driving concentration.

animal cages
If you have a pet dog cage, just enter it into the dog cage and remember to always put it in the seat other than the front of the car.

car window
Make sure the car windows closed so the dog does not pull out his head out of the car, because it is dangerous to dogs and other road users.

Do not smoke in the car, because what is not liked by other humans, usually not well liked by the dogs.

Car roof open
If you bring a car with the roof open, make sure the dog tied up or put in a cage so they do not escape.

seat belt
You can also buy special dog seat belts can protect them while traveling with you.

when it stops
Do not let the dog in the car alone when you stop and get out of the vehicle.

Always keep the security and safety of your pet dog when traveling so that your trip even more enjoyable.

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