6 Strange Behavior In Dogs & explanation

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One of the reasons we love dogs is they give us so many reasons to feel superior to them. But much of what they do very strange and unexpected that you can not help but wonder what the heck they were thinking. They have their reasons. Weird, disgusting reasons. Eat Feces (Coprophagia) Often we complain that our dogs be it a child or an adult is often seen eating his own feces. Coprophagia, we commonly refer to this word. By natural instinct, a mother will eat her babies dirt, this is their way of ridding the body of their children are still not able to clear himself. What is their minds? Another reason to eat their own feces is returned when the dog is still alive in the wild, surrounded by predators. Dogs can find nest predators by detecting the smell of dirt, especially the kind left by delicious puppy. Stool puppy has a distinctive smell (you know the dog's owner) for its high content of milk, so the equivalent of dirt from Swiss delicacy (Do disgusted yes, this is just a metaphor only). So, to clean up the evidence and keep the predators did not know the whereabouts of her son, the mother will eat. We do not know why he did not just bury it, but we're not here to judge. This habit continued until the dog today who no longer have the threat of predators even stay comfortably at home man. But some dogs that still have natural instincts, sometimes still do this. Dogs who are bored left alone in cages can also do this to kill the boredom. Imagine how bored dog until he was happy with the play and eat their own dung?. There are also dogs that eat feces in cages on the grounds he likes cleanliness. Maybe the cage is too narrow so he's not liberal. Rectum Sniffing each other When dogs meet other dogs, they like to sniff each other and anal part is done repeatedly. What is their minds? Just as every human being has a unique face, each dog has a unique odor rectum. If you ever wondered why dogs sniff each anal at the meeting, it is because they want to remember and one day they will need it. Need one? yes, they will know the arrival of his friends from a distance with their anus smell. Dogs have two glands around their anus, called Anal Gland. two of these glands secrete fluid that smells. Another thing that tells everything their dogs need to know the sex of the dog, how healthy they are, what their diet is like, even their mood. If you think we're exaggerating, remember dogs have a sense of smell 100,000 times more sensitive than humans. For them, there is a whole autobiography written in odors released by the anal glands. Learn the anal glands, click Anal Gland. Spinning before sitting or lying down At the time the dog was still alive in the wild, where they have not been sitting or sleeping as comfortable in this modern era where there are many tall weeds and lots of animals or insects in it. By rotating the dog intends to flatten the grass and also repel animals or insects in the grass so that the seat or bed to be comfortable. Besides the above, it turns spinning activity is also intended to regulate temperature more comfortable. In summer, the upper surface has a temperature hotter than the lower surface. With the grind dogs legs when turning, the upper soil layers will be mixed with the soil to lower the lower the temperature so the place was lying they will become more comfortable temperature. Lick No doubt that every dog ​​likes to lick, especially the face and licking our hands!. Is this a sign of affection from their form or our skin secrete a delicious smell to them? What is their minds? Since the beginning of the dog was born, they got the first lick of the parent. In addition to cleaning the amniotic fluid, the mother dog to her son in order to stimulate the blood circulation becomes smooth. Even for a pee, baby dogs need stimulation from their mothers. Parent will routinely lick around the genital area so that the baby can get rid of liquid urine. Once cleaned. As age increases, licking an expression of respect for the more powerful. The dog will lick the body leaders. If the dog licks us, then he is subject to us and consider us as a leader. Review of this lick habits can be found in the article "Why Do Dogs Licking Man" http://www.anjingkita.com/wmview.php?ArtID=18915. Fawn Wagging tail can mean many different things. Could be because happy, feel good or if it meant that she was giving up. Tail wags is one form of communication to other living dogs, especially the leaders. If the tail parallel to the line with the tip slightly curved back and rocked gently, it means he feels comfortable without threats. If the tail is higher than the line of the back, indicating he was feeling exciting or fun. If the position of the tail lowered and placed between the rectum and genitals covered thighs mean he is uneasy. Could be because he was afraid or can express a sense of submission. So the dogs can express a lot with his tail, and rocked a form of communication. When the dog greets you at the door or meet other dogs, he will wag his tail aloft signs he likes. Wags tail is very important for the dog, the dog has no tail will wiggle his ass even as a replacement tail to show his feelings. Marry your feet! Do you think there's a dog (sorry) vagina on your shin? Not just a dog that did this, even a female dog too!!!. Dogs do not do it just because he was just lust but whenever he could do this. If the reason for the rare lust already neutered dogs, dogs that have been neutered are also still do this. What is their minds? By natural instinct, they do this as a form of domination over another. In the wild life, only dogs are allowed to perform marriages leader. Each dog was basically thinks that he is the leader. By marrying your feet, meaning they are more powerful than your feet :)). If you feel annoyed or displeased with their actions, from the first time when they marry your feet, you have to accost. Illustrate that you are the leader and he should not be doing it, except the leader.

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