Tips on Choosing a Dog Day Care

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The holiday season is near, you certainly need a decent daycare for your pet dogs. Although the conditions are decent daycare, there are several things you must prepare in order to maximize the protection of your dog during entrusted.

Lice Problems
Problem dogs have lice after coming home from day care is very much happening. Choose daycare dogs given the drug requiring prior ticks deposited. Good daycare always require your dog flea medication was given in the presence of their staff or they require you to buy from them and tick medication administration process was witnessed by you as well. This is not because they are commercial or for profit alone but they also do not want their daycare infected fleas from your dog Leave.

Select flea medication for dogs that can protect you deposited. Commercially available flea medicine once used to protect your dog from fleas attack for 1 month as the brand Revolution from Pfizer. In addition to protecting your dog from fleas, Pfizer product also protect your dog from parasites such as worms.

Surely, check first before your dog deposited. Is the place worth it or not. Cleanliness is a must place care. The place smells of care, certainly not do the cleaning properly. Classic excuse that is often used is that no employee because it is a holiday. Find the number of daycare employees fairly because you are paying for it.

In addition to pay attention to sanitation and quality enclosure that will become a temporary shelter for your dog is deposited, check grating spacing the floor, make sure the grating spacing according to your dog's feet. Lattice spacing is too wide to risk injury to your dog's feet. Could be just a sprain but it can also cause your dog's leg was broken. Dog leg caught between the bars of the cage and then pinched to make a spontaneous reaction to the dog to pull it abruptly. By the time the dog panicked and pulled his legs, where the process of bone fracture occurs.

If the daycare can not provide a suitable enclosure with your dog, you should bring your own dog kennel. In addition to the size is just right with your dog, he will also feel more at ease because it uses its own cage.

Environmental Temperature
Tanya and check the position of the dog cage that will be a temporary residence for your dog. Make sure your dog will not overheat while staying there. For dogs that require air conditioning, find a day care that provides a special air-conditioned room. For outdoor enclosure, make sure the cage is not exposed to the sun all day. Also make sure the cage is received adequate airflow. Remember, not too tight enough because it will make your dog uncomfortable and can interfere with health.

It's hard to find a dog daycare that has a special place for dogs to play because of limited land. At least, they agreed to take your puppy out just loosen muscles. Also make sure they have the staff and time to do this. Be careful not to bad but the dog traveled silently in cages waiting for you all day.

Communicable disease
Try to choose a daycare that does not have other businesses such as clinics, grooming or pet shop because when your dog is deposited then the dog will experience stress. Stress lowers your dog's immune system. While the immune system down, the dog can be easily attacked by diseases such as Parvo or Distemper. Although the dog was given a routine vaccination schedule, he will be more susceptible to disease when the body resistance decreases.

If there is no choice, at least choose a location where care is different from the position of the clinic, grooming or pet shop. For example, the position of daycare is located on the 2nd floor or at the back of the building. Do not be a care position with a practice clinic, a grooming or pet stores that sell space dog. I am writing this must be supported by the people who know about health though not a doctor.

While your dog is receiving routine vaccines every year, it is good that the dog will be deposited back Vaccine. Remember, giving vaccine at least 2 weeks before it is deposited by the process of forming immune vaccine, at least take 2 weeks.

Do not Want to Eat
Dogs are entrusted usually have problems with appetite. Dogs to change the conditions that affect appetite. He could be stressed because they feel abandoned by their owners. It is normal for your dog to lose weight eat once deposited, although not experience appetite. Therefore, at least 2 weeks before deposited, you must prepare for her condition. Consult a veterinarian, what nutrients need to be added so that the body does not drop when deposited.

Veterinary Surveillance
Points are important, if the daycare has a duty vet is a very good thing. Veterinarians can keep monitoring the health of the dogs have been placed in and can immediately take action if necessary. If the daycare does not have a vet on call, at least they have employees who understand the health of the dog. Once the dogs are entrusted cause symptoms of pain, they can immediately call the vet or take your dog to the vet.

Booking + DP
If you've got a suitable and decent care for your dog, please make booking a place in advance. As much as possible, at least 1 month before let alone holiday season. Do not think that if you only require the daycare. After booking, make a payment so mark (DP / Down Payment) so we can ensure they provide.

Examination of the left and Caring Today
Before you left your dog, make sure you check the condition of your dog to a dog daycare employee witnessed. Check if there is an injured part of the body or whether there were fleas on your dog. Photo if necessary. At the time of pick up, do it again. If there is injury to your dog, make sure they provide the right reasons. If there are fleas, your dog should be given flea medication back and do the cleaning (Grooming) so that the fleas will not carry over to your place.

Good daycare always do this first. At a time when they would normally leave details check the condition of your dog. They will also record the weight on when the dog entered for comparison at the time of completion in the entrusted. At the time picked up, they will ask you to check the time together and if there is no problem then you will be asked to sign a letter stating that your dog is accepted in good health.

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