5 Tips on Credit Card Security

Posted by pak yons on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

At the end of the credit card security is your own responsibility. Indeed, in a worst case scenario, if it can be proven you may have been negligent in maintaining the security of your credit card, you may be responsible for all transactions made on credit card fraudsters if you lose the card. To help avoid this, here are 5 tips on credit card security:

Never have more cards than you need

Although it is always recommended that you should have more than one credit card, you should not have more credit cards than you need. The main reason is because it is difficult to keep track of credit card transactions which you have and where you have used the last of each card.

Always keep a photocopy of your credit card

How many times have you ever asked your credit card card number and then you look at your credit card to get the number? Now, what happens if your credit card is stolen and no monthly bills to see? You got a problem! For this reason, the best practice is to get copies of your credit card for so you know where to find the number should anything happen to your credit card.

Always separate the receipt of credit card transactions

Among the most important is to never store credit cards and credit card transaction receipts in the same place as they may not if you lose your card or it is stolen then you will lose the transaction receipt too. Now there is no way for you to prove the last transaction you made.

Also, do not ever record the PIN number on your credit card, it will only cause problems!

Never give your credit card number to someone you do not know

If you are ever asked to give credit card details to someone you do not know by phone or email, you should always refuse. Phone card issuer and ask them if it's okay for you to provide this information.

Never leave your credit card details for others to see.

Ask yourself "How often do you receive a subscription form in the format of letter post" Now, suppose you fill it with your credit card details and suddenly half the world has access to your credit card number, expiration date complete with your signature!

Although the above may sound like 5 Security Tips Credit Card already know generally but you'd be surprised at how many people fail to follow one or all of the list above!

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