what is a high blood pressure during pregnancy

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, December 9, 2012

     blood pressure in pregnant women, KEEPING pregnancy is not the easy thing. A recent study in Finland shows that the level of intelligence and IQ is actually related to the state of the mother when pregnant.

high blood pressure when pregnant..As quoted from Dailymail, mentioned that women with high blood pressure tend to have children with lower IQs. To prove it, the study was conducted on 398 men with mothers who have high blood pressure while pregnant. These men studied starting from when they were 20 years old and joined the Finnish military forces.

Unknown at that age, men whose mothers had high blood pressure during pregnancy had lower grades. The study was continued as the 69-year-old man. Of monitoring, known results are the same as when they were younger. high blood pressure when pregnant, Thus, the researchers concluded that high blood pressure experienced by pregnant women can affect the level of intelligence of the child in the long run their lives.

Dr Katri Rdikvnen from the University of Helsinki, says that high blood pressure during pregnancy can affect the fetus. He said, "Our research shows that the decline in intelligence in old age often stems from a state of a person while still in the womb. Additional information, a person's blood pressure, including during pregnancy, considered normal range in the 90/60 to 120/80.

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