Benefits of Choline During Pregnancy

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pregnancy foods to avoid...NUTRITION called choline, which is found in meat, eggs, beans, and broccoli, may reduce the risk of children experiencing stress-related diseases and other chronic conditions later in life.

The conclusion is derived from the findings of researchers at Cornell University who studies changes in epigenetic markers, a chemical element that attaches to human DNA that affect the function of the genetic work.

According to experts, women may be given tablets choline in the same manner as prescribed folic acid to reduce the risk of children born with disabilities. Researchers say, epigenetic markers are very important because it determines whether a person's genes work properly or not. Some women in the study were then asked to drink 930 mg of choline per day in their diet and supplements, the amount of which is slightly above the recommended dosage. While the other half were given 480 mg per day.

pregnancy foods to avoid..Larger doses cause more chemical constituents to female DNA, turning genes that regulate the activity of the hormone, according to the researchers. The genes that regulate the production of cortisol, a hormone previously linked to stress and the risk of metabolic disorders throughout life, thus successfully reduced levels in the blood of infants, 33 percent lower.

Prof. Eva Pressman, who led the study said that pregnant women who experience anxiety and depression, conditions that rise as the level of cortisol, pregnancy foods to avoid,,can benefit from consuming choline as a form of protection. something  day we may prescribe choline in the same way we prescribe folate to all pregnant women. It's real cheap and have no side effects in the doses provided in the study, added Pressman.

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