Make-up Tips wear while Pregnant

Posted by pak yons on Thursday, December 13, 2012

 makeup when pregnant..Pregnancy is a time when a woman should be careful in carrying out routine health and diet. Moreover, hormonal and physical changes affect the body of pregnant women in many ways.
pregnancy make up
One of the most sensitive areas to be treated for nine months is the skin. Not a few women who complain about the dark patches on the face or skin blemishes and more pimples. There is also pregnant women are prone to strong fragrances. Thus, we need to check whether beauty products contain harmful chemicals and other toxic elements that may be absorbed into the mother's bloodstream and consequently have a negative effect on the fetus.

a. Customize your skin care with the changes during pregnancy. Able to add more moisture to prevent dryness or switch to oil-free products.

b. Use sunscreen. Pregnancy hormones often make the skin more sensitive and vulnerable to the sun and other allergies. Using sunscreen will help minimize the chances of the condition of hyperpigmentation.

c. To hide hyperpigmentation, you can use corrective concealer that blends with the color of the skin with ease.

d. If you feel the skin of the face is not shining, use a bronze blush color on the face. This will make the face sparkle when exposed to sunlight.

d. For a fresh look, use a spray or mineral water spray to keep light on your face.

e. Learn to prepare instant makeup colors that have been harmonized makeup so you do not need to mix and match colors every time you use a blush-on.

g. Protect your skin from dehydration by drinking water regularly. pregnancy make up, Use moisturizer and fragrance-free cream that risk chemicals into the body spared.

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