Facts about pregnancy

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Myths and Facts About Efforts to Pregnancy
Facts on pregnancy..MANY myths circulating about the attempt to get pregnant. So that you get certainty, the following descriptions of the myths that accompanied the facts about pregnancy attempts by specialists and obstetrician Dr Firuza Parekh.

1. Myth: Eating spicy food causes ovulation, low sperm count, miscarriage, and premature birth.
Fact: Eating spicy foods only sometimes interfere with the digestive system and sometimes causes heartburn.

2. Myth: Masturbation causes impotence and low sperm count.
Fact: Masturbation can be associated with guilt and has no impact on fertility.

3. Myth: Chances of getting pregnant are reduced when the ejaculate, semen out of the vagina after intercourse.
Fact: After ejaculation, semen will be looking for a few minutes in the vagina. Some seminal fluid will not come out and it does not reduce the chances of getting pregnant.
Facts about pregnancy
4. Myth: The position during sex can determine the sex of the baby.
Fact: The position during lovemaking does not have any influence on the sex of the baby.

5. Myth: Sex every day increases the chances of getting pregnant.
Fact: Sex every day does not increase the chances of getting pregnant. In fact, it could reduce the number of sperm on the day of ovulation. In men with low sperm counts, this may be detrimental.

6. Myth: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common hormonal disorder in women of reproductive age will disappear after delivery.
Fact: PCOS is a condition that is caused by genetics. This condition does not go away by itself, it needs further treatment.
Facts about pregnancy
7. Myth: Womb with inverted condition (retroverted) causes infertility.
Fact: inverted uterus condition affects about 30 percent of women. During his position has not changed, it will not affect fertility.

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