Time to Limit the Use of Electronic Pregnant

Posted by pak yons on Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MOM pregnant often use a hair dryer (hairdryer), microwaves, vacuum cleaners, especially living near high-voltage power lines can make the fetus at risk of asthma.

The researchers cautioned that exposure to magnetic energy in children unborn could pose a potential danger generated by household appliances and electrical wiring.

They also believe this explains why the rate of asthma in children has increased dramatically in recent decades. Scientists in California, whose findings were published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, showed that children whose mothers had been exposed to high levels of magnetic energy in pregnancy may risk three times higher asthma.

Through an experiment of 800 pregnant women in the UK, they found that the use of a hair dryer, microwave, or live near high-voltage power lines during pregnancy can pose a risk of asthma in children. Not only that, researchers also mentioned some kind of magnetic energy can increase the risk of miscarriage and some types of cancer.

On the other hand, some experts reject new findings and stated there are many other causes of asthma.

However, the researchers confirmed that the risk can not be ignored. Thus, they urged pregnant women to reduce the use of hair dryers, microwaves and vacuum cleaners.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (2/8), Dr. De-Kun Li of Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California, said, "The emphasis of the study is that exposure to electromagnetic fields could pose a potential danger to the baby so we also should pay attention to the bad effects on health. "

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