8 important questions before you get married

Posted by pak yons on Monday, October 18, 2010

Before you make a marriage, there may be some things you should look for the possibility of marital infidelity or failure can be avoided.

for you, a couple who may in the near future will be married, should you and your partner, to prepare themselves in dealing with various things. Including talking about your feelings and desires. For when you and your partner when the family can live a life that is expected lancer appropriate.

In order for your marriage smoothly, ask 8 questions below, in the hope that you and your partner can understand each other desires and goals will you get married.

a. Are you and your spouse have a sense of humor?
with a little humor, it will feel more refreshed and Are you and your spouse have the ability to be able to laugh together and comfort each other? Can laugh at trouble or find humor when faced with daily problems, could be an indication of strength of your marriage. This ability can create a better marriage relationship. So, do not make all things serious.

b. Are you and your spouse want to quickly have a child?
should you need to discuss this before making a decision to get married. It is intended to equate the desire and the target both of you after getting married later. If one of you did not agree, then you should be careful because this could be a serious problem ..

c. Do you believe in full with your partner?
if you have any doubt or do not trust with your partner, then how are you going to trust your partner later on after marriage? This should be resolved well and you are wise.

d. Are you two can easily to compromise?

even though you both have some differences and views with some things, you do not need to worry, because this is a matter of course, you have to do is to compromise and share with the pair mate.

e. Do you feel happy when together with your partner?

before you decide to get married, you both need to be happy. Especially you, because you can not sue another person to make you happy.

f. Is the he supports the obsession, the target dang you desire?
if your partner consider what you want, for example, be an artist, it is as something that is not possible for you to do, maybe you should get to know him more deeply. If a couple can not support an obsession, target dang desire, then this will be a problem in the back later, make sure your partner, support your wish, with your own record is something positive.

g. How does your strategy both in managing finances?

Does your partner spender and you people who are good at saving money, or vice versa? Most importantly, you both have the hope and the purpose of managing finances the same.

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