Be careful and Cancer-Causing Avoid foods

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Even though several cans of cancer detected early, but the cancer is No. 1 That cause disease death in many countries. Most people still live a life That is not healthy even though the cancer That They Know Them cans attack.

In a seminar a health expert said "There are many Things That Could Trigger Cancer in the body, and one of Them is not a good diet," That so conveyed by Dr. Judio Grace Kahl, MSc, MH, CHt
Even though the causes of cancer are not always related to food, but eating habits are unhealthy, will from be Able to increase of the risk of esophageal cancer. WHO People eat lots of Greasy food and a variety of foods That are heated in high temperatures and the use of oil That Is Used Over and over again Could Be a one-source triggers a person affected by cancer.
A health expert says "Protein, meat and whatever it is, Pls heated in high temperature plus artificial preservatives cans cause cell changes in the body Becoming faster and cans be a trigger cancer,"
A cancer researcher, Eden Tareke from the University of Stockholm, Sweden, found Acrylamide, the which is a type of cancer That forms on the trigger foods That do the process with a heated, That foods contain lots of carbohydrates will from decomposing Pls heated and then reacts with amino acids produces carcinogenic compounds Called Acrylamide, this is what Became one of the triggers of cancer.
So That you Avoid the risk of cancer, Should you always maintain a regular eating pattern and make healthy lifestyle early on cans protect yourself from harmful diseases attack. Eating a nutritionally balanced meal According to the needs of the body with a sufficient portion of 50-50 percent carbohydrate, high fiber containing 3-4 servings daily, inadequate fruit and vegetable needs of EACH of 3 servings EACH day as well as a vegetable proteins -2 servings a day.
You Should Be Able to reduce foods high in fat and eat lots of fish cans replace portions of fat in the body.
"Fruit and vegetables Should Be in number more Than the carbohydrate and protein. Reduce consumption of sugar, flour and foods That contain lots of fat. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day, taking extra supplements Pls needed and Avoid the habit of smoking , so you cans Live Healthier and certainly cans Avoid cancer.

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