This is the girl that in the search criteria Justin Bieber

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Justin Bieber young singers who are popular are proved to have high standards in assessing a woman who will make her lover. According to recent news he admitted that he likes a woman named 29-year-old socialite, Kim Kardashian has revealed, he was very strict in determining choice.

he said in an interview "A girl should have a sweet smile, beautiful eyes and he should have a sense of humor. In addition, he also must have an honest nature, and do not like lying," said the singer from this Canadian

besides Justin Bieber is not only interested in beauty, and said it was equally important to have a good personality., he added: "It would be ashamed when we go out with a woman is 'hot', but do not have the manners of speaking."

recently, Justin said, the age difference in a relationship does not become a serious problem for him, all the women who in looking for him was not more than 40 years.

Justin added "a woman in the top 40, too old for me. I'm just looking for a girl that cute and have beautiful eyes and sweet smile, "so in his convey in an interview.

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