Justin Bieber, claimed to have above average ability kiss

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Justin Bieber, this Canadian singer, again making the revelation of the scandal, in saying proud to be a reliable olfactory .. wow .. After the spit him even after Kim Kardashian wants to make a girlfriend, this time he claimed to have the ability to smooch on average.

he said in an interview "I'm a great kisser. I've done it with some girl," said Justin Bieber, as quoted by Female First.

singer song 'Baby' has revealed he loves and often take a date out in the car. Cars that are often used was a gift from his mentor that is a Range Rover from Usher on the 16 th birthday.

usher said "Justin was sixteen years old, so he sometimes does not know what to do attitude. But, as a teenager, I often walk with Puffy (P. Diddy), and that's when I learned and start a lot of things. So, I promised to do the same thing in Bieber, maybe take her to a party or something, "said Usher. Usher also teaches Justin Bieber on how to deal with women.

still according to the usher, that Justin Bieber can easily receive direction from him about what he should do.

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