Story of love Justin Bieber

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Justin Bieber is becoming the talk of young people of the world, all things concerning himself in to the attention of every fan. Includes adventure love story or a young singer who was popular this.
justin bieber with very open about her past romances. Singer song 'Baby' is told he has been cut off love affair with her boyfriend over the phone.

"I decided her only by phone. That's really terrible is not it? We noisy on the phone and I told him 'I do not want to be with you anymore and she cried," so on submit Justin Beiber as quoted from Showbizspy, Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

This Canadian singer who claim to feel very guilty with what you have done it. Justin felt ashamed and guilty when meeting with a girl who became her boyfriend for seven months.
Even though its already broken, he claimed to keep good relations with the girl, he said "We're not the enemy now. That's really cool," he said.

Justin actually admitted he has yet to get official permission for the courtship of his mother before he was 16 years old. And after the love relationship ends with the girl he likes, Justin realized that his mother's message sense.

Justin Beiber which currently has aged 16 years, presented himself was looking for a boyfriend. He wanted to have a boyfriend who has a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes and also a sense of humor. That criteria dream boyfriend Justin Bieber. Certainly not ideal, like that in the search most young age.

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