Five anti-cancer food choices

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, October 16, 2010

Breast cancer is a disease That is very frightening for the women, therefore as a woman, you must be vigilant and careful. To Prevent breast cancer, one of the which you can do is to eat healthy foods, here are Some categories of foods and how to consume Them, so you cans Avoid breast cancer.

a. Fruit

That try to Avoid fruits contain many calories. Dark-colored fruit is very good for dieting. Such examples as grapes, berries, Peaches, and Raisins Better Than benefits bananas and apples. By eating fruit as a dessert after breakfast Because it was effective Fairly Quickly and Easily earnest nutrients absorbed by the body to the maximum.

b. Vegetable
Most fresh vegetables contain substances reduce the cans That risk of cancer. The best way to eat Them is with a combination. Vegetables earnest Pls be useful very good cooked with olive oil .. cabbage and spinach in the trust are the two vegetables That have a large benefit most in warding off cancer. As well as other "Such vegetables as broccoli, carrots, Beets, tomatoes, and squash are rich in carotenoids are believed to be anticancer.

c. Olive oil

You must know That witnessed the olive is a material 'magic'. Thus, olive oil is recommended for use in cooking. According to a study in Rhode Island, United States, olive oil cans or cans help you lose weight more Quickly and effectively in Patients with breast cancer Than low-fat diet.

d. Wheat
by consuming a lot of wheat grains contain fiber help control weight That cans and lower levels of estrogen in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer. These foods can you consume regularly.

e. Milk

Should you limit consumption of dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. This is Necessary Because you cut these foods cans raise levels of calories and does not Provide much benefit for protection against breast cancer. as another alternative, you replace it with soy milk.

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