Overweight children experience because of milk chocolate

Posted by pak yons on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Milk chocolate be the first choice when a person will drink milk because it tastes good, good chocolate milk in calcium needs for children.
But did you know that excessive drinking of milk chocolate can cause obesity, it caused the sugar content results in excessive chocolate milk so that it can increase the risk of obesity in children

Developed countries like the U.S. have very high obesity problem, this is caused by lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns such as:

consume fast food, sodas that contain lots of sugar, candy, sweets, less mobile or sport, are in front of the TV or playing video games and computers for a long time

because of this issue, making the U.S. the Florida Board of Education adds another factor causes of obesity that is milk chocolate. In fact, according to the plan, if it is approved psychiatrist and child health expert, in December, the schools in the United States will prohibit the consumption of chocolate milk. Instead, the school can provide a diet soda or low-yield sugar drinks such as fruit juice. To reduce the risk of obesity in children, even though it also triggered the pros and cons

you should know also that according to health and nutrition experts, assess the debate about the chocolate milk for this child is not too important, more important they think that is what and how our children eat. Milk chocolate actually has content that is not much different from regular white milk that is calcium, potassium, and vitamins. Even so, children who drank milk chocolate is better than not drinking at all, you have to do is to control for moderation in consumption.

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