Sandra Bullock AFFAIR!

Posted by pak yons on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beautiful actress Sandra Bullock does not comment anything after rumors spread that the affair did her husband, Jesse James, spread in the media. After the incident, met comedian Sandra just seen George Lopez.

already a month, when news of Jesse's infidelity is revealed,. Sandra Bullock more sitting at home or with his family. Only comedian George Lopez, who caught two times dropped into Sandra's house, for whatever purpose.

The media was then picked Sandra closeness with George. Men from Latin America were familiar with Sandra a couple of years ago when the Oscar-winning actress was looking for an entertainment.

in a media statement, Sandra knows that George had long since 2000. Two years later, Sandra later became executive producer of TV show 'George Lopez'.

Friendship Sandra and George looked very intense. George said that Sandra like a brother to him. Sandra never gave gifts BlackBerry and then he sends a message to George.

"He said, 'If you need me, I was your sister. If you need me to be a bad person, I would be a bad guy'," echoes George read a message from Sandra.

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