The best position to do sex, when you're pregnant

Posted by pak yons on Thursday, October 21, 2010

When you're pregnant, does not mean the need for sax stops. You can still do your marital relationship during the period of nine months pregnant, but you must be careful in doing, you should be able to find a good position and safe sex, so that your needs can be met without compromising the sex of your baby.

The following is a position that is safe and well, while having sex during pregnancy.

• Wheelbarrow. This position is usually in mid or advanced pregnancy which does not require much movement. Men and women sit on it sat facing each other or back to the man when the stomach is very big. This position also allows her to control the depth of penetration.

• The position of the man lying above but only half of the body.

• kneeling or standing position.

• The position of women over. This position is most comfortable for many pregnant women, especially since pregnant women can control the depth of penetration.

The most important thing you should know is that, in sexual intercourse during pregnancy is do not put a heavy burden on your stomach, reduce the pressure on your stomach, your baby to avoid a hazard.

Which still have to remember, that sexual intercourse may be one important part of the statement feelings of love, a sense of security and calm, togetherness, closeness of feeling in the conjugal relationship. But do not make sex the most powerful role in the harmony of conjugal relations. You can still express feelings of affection by exchanging ideas (communication), hug, kiss, or a massage without having sexual intercourse. Most importantly try to understand each partner desires.

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