Autistic Children Recognize and his World

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, June 24, 2012

The word autism was already familiar in the ears of society. But not a few people who do not recognize the symptoms. Even the elderly people themselves. For this reason, many people with autism who grew up without treatment.

Autism   not a disease. He can not be cured or eliminated 100 percent. But autistic children can return to normal as if the therapy is generally well done and handling.

Own definition of autism is a developmental disorder of brain function is highly complex and varied kind. Typically, symptoms appear in the first three years of age. As stated by observers hope Balikpapan Autism Emil Hassan Naim, Saturday (28/2).

The cause of autism has not been clearly established. Some researchers conclude that this was because when his mother contain heavy metals in food poisoning or eating foods that contain many chemicals and preservatives. However this is still disputed by some other studies.

According to Emil, there are three issues in autism. First, the lack of patient interaction on the environment. "Kids just busy themselves autistic," said Emil.

Second, people with autism are constrained to communicate, to be spoken, or gestures, or pictures. Third, continued Emil, has a unique behavior and unusual behavior of children his age do.

Autism is divided into three levels or Autism Spectrum Disorder, mild, moderate and severe. Because each persons have a different case, so handling any dependent child's condition and level.

The characteristics of children with autism can be detected at an early age. As it is difficult to mingle with friends, laughing that is not fair, reluctant eye contact, happy to be alone, like a spinning objects, hyperactivity, no matter the danger, playing in a way that is not common, and many other features.

Emil said, in diagnosing autism, psychologists or doctors usually conduct interviews of parents of autistic children. Useful to know every phase of child development. For there is no definite standard for convicting someone directly, including persons with autism or not. After diagnosis, he continued, further treatment is tailored therapy with the diagnosis.

"In addition to the school of therapy, therapy should also be routinely performed in the home. Hence, parents must come to see the methods of therapy that takes place in therapy, "said Emil.

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