Less Vitamin D Increase Risk of Autism

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, June 23, 2012

John Cannell, Autistic disease experts from the U.S., which publishes research related to the problem of autism. Namely, the theory that autism cases in children may be caused deficiency of vitamin D.  
Founder of the Vitamin D Council - franchise organization for people with autism - this says a lot of factors that cause autism. "As genetic, but it gives new facts that autism can occur due to lack of vitamin D."
There is some evidence to support his theory, namely:
1. Incidence of autism over the past 20 years is increasing rapidly. Many experts recommend treatment to prevent the use of serum vitamin D.
2. In animal studies, it was revealed that vitamin D deficiency in animals also can create lack of an animal's brain and cause symptoms of abnormal proteins in animals such as autism in humans.
3. Children who lack vitamin D and have symptoms of autism, can be reduced by administering high doses of vitamin D and regular therapy
4. Autism is a lot of problems faced by the people who lack viatamin D.
Dr. Cannell reveals prenatal administration of 400 IU vitamin is not very influential, especially for pregnant women. He said pregnant women need at least 5000 IU vitamin D per day.  
It was to meet the needs of the blood calcium. In addition, pregnant women should reduce the consumption of vitamin A (with the exception of substances of natural beta-carotene). That's because vitamin A has a negative effect on the functioning of vitamin D.
Cannell also suggest giving serum vitamin D in the form of 70-90 ng / ml for patients with autism. And do not forget to talk to the doctor as much detail as possible related to treatment with high doses of vitamin D in your child.

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