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Posted by pak yons on Saturday, June 23, 2012

test through saliva (spit) will help clinicians to indicate some type of autism, which potentially can be addressed early. Especially, for children who have behavioral disorders.

The cause of autism to date is still unclear. According to available data, one of 150 people diagnosed with autism, a condition which makes it difficult to communicate with people and understand their emotions. In about 90 percent of children have symptoms of autism are different. During this time, children with autism are often detected in the condition it was too late.

Generally, the parents indicated by the different behavior of peers. Symptoms of autism begin to appear in children before the age of 3 years, the general symptoms are most apparent between ages 2-5 years.

Prior to this, detection of autism seen from the following symptoms, such as delayed speech or unable to speak above the age of three years, refusing or avoiding to face to face, there is no attempt to interact with people, when it pleased the toys, other toys and would not how to play too strange, often noticed the finger - his own finger, the fan is spinning, moving water, can be seen very hyperactive, and can also be too quiet.

Through these saliva tests, autism can be detected in children under the age of two years. In this study, the scientists identified 27 children who have autism. The study states, 18 of 27 people with autism have an abnormal protein.

It is likely, that the protein could be a sign of abnormal brain development in infancy from birth, according to lead researcher, Massimo Castagnola, from the Università Cattolica, Rome.

Although still a debate and needs further research, you could say this is the latest breakthrough research. There are many expectations for research in the field of autism. This is one of them, said one researcher, Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a child neurologist from medical research, Center for Autism Research and interference in the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, USA.

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