Oxygen Therapy, Autism Sufferers Hope

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, June 23, 2012

In recent years, the researchers developed a hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) to address the issue of autism in children. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is done by providing a high pressure oxygen to improve the workings of the brain.

In people with autism, there was a disturbance in brain function, one due to lack of oxygen at birth or even during pregnancy. With this oxygen therapy on brain damage can be minimized.

According to research revealed in the journal Bio Medical Centre (BMC) Pediatrics, pure oxygen can reduce inflammation or swelling in the brain and increase the intake of oxygen in brain cells.

This therapy is done by means of a tube of decompression. People with autism into the tube is then fed pure oxygen and air pressure was increased to 1.3 atmospheres.

This method seems quite effective. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy on a regular basis showed an improvement in neurological conditions and cope with cerebral palsy. This therapy was chosen in some countries and researchers continue to develop it.

And Rossignol of the International Child Development Resource Centre, Florida, USA, conducted a study of 62 patients with autism aged 2-7 years. Respondents were given oxygen therapy for 40 minutes every day for a month with 24% oxygen and air pressure of 1.3 atmospheres.

The result, an increase in almost all organ functions, such as motion sensors, cognitive ability, eye contact, social skills, and language comprehension.

"We do not talk about healing, we talk about the progress of the condition and behavior of patients. With that autistic children can improve brain function and quality of life, "Rossignol said as quoted by www.bbc.co.uk.

Rossignol himself has proved the effectiveness of this therapy in two children with autism. He says the findings are still not over and will develop to a more optimal search results.

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