Early Detection of Autism in Film Cartoons

Posted by pak yons on Saturday, June 23, 2012

Autism in children can be more effectively treated if caught early symptoms. Many parents have belatedly realized her baby because it did not know the symptoms of autism.

According to recent research, autism can be diagnosed earlier to see how the response of a toddler while watching a cartoon or animated series. Toddlers will be very happy and focused attention when he saw movement.

In the cartoon series there is a lot of movement and toddlers are usually happy to see it. But for toddlers with autism, they will ignore the motion in the cartoon series.
The study was conducted by researchers from Yale University, UK. These conclusions were obtained after carrying out research on a two year old. He was diagnosed with autism affected by movement and sound that comes from the cartoon series.

The researchers revealed that tests done by the cartoon on the child, can be done to other children and to identify early symptoms of autism. Because children aged eight months has actually been able to recognize the movement and image. And, by way of an animated cartoon show, autism can be identified.

Identification of autism with a cartoon or animated series was conducted in the UK and involved 55 toddlers. The result is a 21 toddler having autistic-spectrum disorders (ASD), 39 normal and 16 toddlers toddlers have developmental problems, but not autism.

Normal and toddlers who have developmental problems, and focus like to see the animation is shown. However, toddlers with ASD do not focus on the animation that is shown on two different screens.

"Toddlers with ASD can be detected early. With such therapy can be administered more quickly and precisely, "said Dr. Ami Klin, of the Yale Child Study Center.

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