Tips For Managing Credit No Decaptitated

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today, the need for consumer goods increasingly tempting. With discounts everywhere, almost every item can be obtained easily, especially if using a credit card facility. Once the origin of friction-limit not exceeding dream things can be brought home immediately. However, often, convenience is what it often makes us forget ourselves.

Twisted so that we can not credit cards, as well as credits or other debt-there is some anticipation that we need to do.
1. Buy items as needed
    Many financial planners call to be safe from the temptation to buy things, the easiest way is to ask
    yourself, "Do I need or simply want to?" This question could be "saved" so that we can not easily tempted to
    buy goods that ultimately will only be a mere decoration. And, furthermore, must be saved as well
    so as not entangled in a financial penalty that can bind us.

2. Do not take credit cards as an additional funding
     Credit cards are cards that can provide convenience. However, this card is not a substitute for cash. Therefore, please keep in mind
     well that there are obligations to pay credit card behind. That way, we can not easily be tempted to use a credit card

3. Separate air-balance to "have fun"
     If possible, make separate balances are taken from the monthly income to fund fun. Fund
     This individual can be used as a substitute for credit cards to buy things that you love. Thus, no
     there is a concern to pay the debt due to the direct deposit can be paid with these funds.

4. Always prepare a reserve fund
     Differences with the funds to have fun, although the reserve fund is also excluded from the monthly income, but the portions
     is for emergency needs. For example, for hospital admission, donations to the relation of the dead, and
     various other needs. Specifically to fund the hospital, you should set aside a reserve fund to purchase a policy
     health insurance.

5. Pay as soon as there are funds
    Debt must be paid. That's the main principle that no credit entangled. Therefore, while there are funds set aside in accordance with
    pay your monthly obligations. Thus, no longer to be a burden because of arrears of interest to be paid from
    your debts. If necessary, also set aside funds from the monthly income to pay all obligations in
    a bank account or you can set up a special envelope.

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