Dolphin Therapy For Autistic Children

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dolphin Therapy Really lumba2 therapy can cure autism?
A lot of questions on our website akhir2 into this.
Answer the question above is: it should still get the research, because until now there has been proven.
Causes of autism have incredibly complex and multifactorial, thus it can not be cured simply by swimming with a dolphin.

2 years ago ever written about the "dolphin therapy" in this website. Well below we will reload this paper to read and understand.


For centuries, the dolphin is known as being a smart and kind. The story of their heroism helped the exhausted swimmers have existed since time immemorial.

The doctors are now trying to use dolphin therapy for children with special needs. These children are in the water like a warm, touching the dolphin's body and heard voices issued by the dolphin-dolphin.
In the past 2 decades some therapists and psychologists believe that swimming with the dolphin has the power to heal. Some people even believe that the vibrations of the dolphin can heal human cells.

Is that dolphin therapy?

The doctors at the Dolphin-Human Therapy Center believes that these highly intelligent creatures that can help children with various neurological disorders, even a child with Down syndrome and autism.
These children so love to swim with the dolphin, so it is used as a "reward" for children who respond well to behavioral therapy, for example, the ABA method of therapy.
Reports from various countries show that the interaction of factors that have a positive effect on humans.

How does it work?

Dolphin Therapy One theory suggests that a unique dolphin sonar vibrations can identify nerve disorders in humans, and comfort making it easier to accept the lesson, and healing.
But many scientists who argue that children just love the contact with the dolphin, and swim with the dolphin just a recreational course.
A study conducted at the Dolphin-Human Therapy Center in Key Largo, Florida.
David Cole, a scientist in the field of neurology to create a special tool to measure the effect of dolphin in the human brain.
Cole found that there is a change in physiology when humans interact with the dolphin. After interacting with the dolphin was found that these children become more calm. Many researchers argue that this relaxation is the cause of the success of dolphin therapy.
According to some researchers, relaxation stimulates the immune system.

Cole has another theory. According to the energy of the dolphin can cause a phenomenon "cavitasi" (making a hole). Energy can make a tear, even holes in the molecular structure and soft tissue. Cole believes that this can alter cellular metabolism, and the release of hormones or endorphins that stimulate the formation of T-cells (immune system).
Many believe the theory cavitasi this, but many scientists are skeptical.

Do we rely on wishful thinking?

Although therapy with this dolphin menghasilan some improvements that can not be understood, but do not forget that this is an experimentation only and does not provide medical treatment.
Do we rely on a hopeless to "cure" autism?
Much of the evidence that closely related animals have a good effect in humans, such as dogs and horses. Touching and talking to the animals can reduce stress.
And interact with the dolphin swim is a fun adventure.
Dolphin has a very funny look and create annoyance, as if they were always smiling.

Therapy with the dolphin turned out to help the progress of some children, but it should not be regarded as a cure. Parents should not rely on wishful thinking.
It is understandable that we as parents want the best for our children, even though it seems in the end lead to disappointment and financial loss.
Parents are usually looking for a miraculous cure for their children, but if you do not get it, we still love these kids, because they are children of God-given.

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