Bangs Hair Model Based Face Shape

Posted by pak yons on Monday, November 26, 2012

Ponytail hair trend so popular lately, especially by young people who have a tendency to imitate a variety of styles performed by his idol. For those of you who are happy with bangs hairstyles, of course, you should also adjust the model to the shape of your face bangs. Why? Adjusting hair bangs face shape are strongly advised to get a haircut that is not only stylish but also content and unsightly.
How to be recognized

for face?
Apparently not hard to recognize the shape of the face loh. All you need to do is tie the hair back so that the face would be clearly visible and recognizable shape. After that, then you can choose the type of pony hair to suit your face shape.
Here is a brief overview bangs style that suits your face shape:

    Oval face shape
    If you have an oval face shape type, then you are among those who are lucky. Because, with oval face shape, one does not need to worry about hair pieces do not fit. Almost all styles of haircuts would look good on an oval face. Even so, the most appropriate style bangs for oval face is the forehead bangs that cover half. Why is that? Because this kind of style will be able to show your face bone structure is perfect. Instead, if your hair quite long, the bangs should be made a little long. The goal is to be able to compensate for the length of the hair. In addition, thin bangs style also fit on the side and bias you try. Bangs like this will give you a little impression of width on an oval face.

    Square face shapes
    For you are the owner of a square face should be somewhat cautious in choosing the models hair bangs. If any, might face shape you'll be more impressed square. Style bangs or side swept bangs, better known by side will make you look more attractive. Models such as these seem bangs soften the angles of the jaw type square face usually look firm and fierce. In addition, you can also use the model of the middle thick bangs that while his side is made longer. Square impression in this model will be lost because the face will look more oval.

    Round face shape
    Form a round face with chubby cheeks usually makes someone a hard time choosing a model haircut. One-one should be added to cheeks even chubby. But these weaknesses do not need to make you die style. Selection model that bangs should fit your face shape is longer so it does not seem increasingly showing a spherical shape. You could try a model with asymmetric bangs to add an additional layer narrow impression on your face. This model will make a round face framed. This model will also hide some chubbymu cheek. You also can attenuate end bangs and make it a bit sideways. But do not forget to further shorten the middle of the bangs. This way will reveal the impression of an oval or oval face. Instead, you should avoid long bangs as this will only add to the impression of width to your face.

    Segi five face shapes
    The owner of the face like this is actually the same as the square face. The selection of hairstyle should not make a face so impressed over the box. Style that can be followed is long bangs with a slight accent wave. Layers that frame the face will also make small impression on your face, so the face will seem longer than it actually is. Another way to get the impression of a longer face can also be obtained by combining various styles bangs. This combination of style you should consult your hair stylist that you do not choose the wrong haircut model.

    Long Face Shape
    If your face shape is rather narrow and long, the bangs haircut model and you have to avoid is the model which further adds to the impression of length to your face. The owner should also avoid long face hairstyles no bangs, hairstyles such as this will further reinforce the shape of a long face. Should select a hairstyle that slightly increase the volume on the side of the face near the ears and to choose a model bangs bangs a little volume on the side near your eyes. Model side swept bangs sideways around the forehead suitable for owners of long faces. Model falls down and bangs that cover the forehead is also suitable for this kind of a long face.

Well, now you've certainly easier not to determine the model that suits bangs face shape? Determine the model of bangs that fit you and do not forget, consult also the model of your choice with your hair stylist so that you get a haircut that perfectly fits the shape of your face.


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