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Posted by pak yons on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hairstyles with bangs and short hair..Now I'm back again with new info still about hairstyles. If yesterday we  talk about hair styles, now it's time to cover the broad forehead or bangs that will be discussed. short hair cuts with bangs..Surely many of you all are using bangs, either to make us look more style and to cover our shortcomings (cover forehead ^ ^). Hairstyles with bangs..Well here ak gonna love tips to determine what type of bangs to match us.

First we must note is the initial piece of our bangs. Since the basic pieces of bangs should match the shape of your face. So ... please see the article below.

1. Model bangs Square Face Shape

Style side swept bangs or better known as side bangs and bangs which models the center is thick while the longer side, is a piece of bangs that suit us with a firm jaw.
hairstyles medium bangs
..Due to these pieces can make the face more oval and smooth the jaw us.

2. Model Bangs Round Face Shape
We can try a model with an additional layer asymmetrical bangs or you can also attenuate end bangs and make it a bit sideways. In this way our faces look more narrow.

3. Triangle Face Shape Model bangs Lima

Style that best matches the type face is long bangs with a slight accent wave. Layers that frame the face will also make the face seem longer than it actually is.

4. Model Bangs Long Face Shape

Model side swept bangs sideways around the forehead suitable for owners of long faces. Besides the model bangs that fell down and covered his forehead as well suited for this kind of a long face. So we face will not look too long.

5. Model bangs Oval Face Shape

Bangs style that works best for an oval face is the forehead bangs that cover half. And if our hair length would be better if we adjust the length. Although sejujurang, very lucky women who have an oval face, because any force used will remain perfect.

Well after familiar kind pieces suitable base ntuk our face, we now turn to the order bangs are now more hits.

1. Hair braid

Braid ponytail hairstyle is the trend this year. Just try to apply braid bangs section. Retro and feminine impression directly visible from the hair style.

2. Hair-crested
Order Another pompadour bangs or forelock. It's easy, the little pony sasak us to be more volume, then flops back.

 3. Roll hair Foreign

50s style bangs will make our hair look like horns, but still highlight our beauty. bangs is rolled out will support our appearance.

4. Sideways & Wavy Hair-crested

One more hair styles that produce the impression of retro, which is crested sideways bangs and wavy effect. To balance it well curled hair with a curling iron. With this we will look more powerful and elegant.

5. Hair clipped Right Or Left (even two)

View of this style will make us look more feminine, what more if we had long hair so easy to set up. The trick, center-parting hair. Then twist the bangs on the right side and left side, layered long hairstyles with bangs..then set aside and glue it with bobby pins.


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