How to cut your own side bangs

Posted by pak yons on Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hair side bangs...Bangs can affect your appearance. Oblique bangs or bangs that are no longer beautiful can greatly affect your appearance. When the long bangs covering his face, you'll be stifling yourself. If you are busy to stop by the salon to cut bangs, you can do it yourself. Here's how to cut bangs yourself:

1. Haircut when your hair is dry. If you cut your hair in a state of wet hair, the hair will shrink when dry, so it will look shorter. side bangs for medium hair. If you usually blow dry bangs, apply styling gel first, then dry it. If you do not like to blow dry, just dry it air dry (without brushed first).

2. Using a comb, separate the bangs are not to be cut. You can separate the other hair with hairpins, and let the bangs to be cut loose.

3. For the pony into two using a styling comb (with thin teeth). Take one hand and comb bangs down with comb teeth facing out. Attach comb the brow bone. Do not cut the bangs shorter than the location of the comb on your brow bone.

4. (Skip to step 5 if you model shaggy bangs that make up the face). Begin cutting hair at an angle of 45 degrees. No need to rush, make sure you are neat pieces. medium hair cuts with side bangs..Do not cut bangs in a straight position, because it may keep the lines straight.

5. If you shaggy bangs that make up the face, leave your scissors and use a razor with a new blade (scissors are more slippery and make the piece less neat). According to hairstylist Chris McMillan, use a razor much better results than scissors. To start cutting hair, pull the bangs with your index finger and your middle finger. Slide your finger to the tip of the hair and cut hair as far above your finger.

6. Repeat this process for the other hair.

7. If your bangs are too thick, you can add a layer. Take some bangs between two fingers, then pull the hair on the head. cut your own side bangs..Slide your finger up to the ends of your hair, and let some hair fall. Lower your finger along approximately 2 cm into the hair, then cut most 1 cm above your finger.

8. If you have bangs long layers, make sure the length is equal to the pull a strand of hair on the left-right head towards the middle of the face. hair with side swept bangs..Both sides of the board should be equidistant from the bridge of the nose, as McMillan suggestions.


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