Practical Ways to Cut Bangs Hair

Posted by pak yons on Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cut haircuts with bangs..Not always have to straighten hair done at the salon. Especially for hair bangs.

Some types of hair normally use hair bangs. Especially for those who have little or no confidence in their foreheads. These conditions encourage some women wear their hair bangs for notes.

When bangs hair began to elongate, not actually need to go to the salon to tidy it up. Cutting bangs hair can be done with a number of ways:

Step 1: Comb the hair.
Comb your hair all up neatly. Condition your hair should be neatly when going to cut bangs. Especially comb the front hair bangs that you will make no remaining hair tangles.

Step 2: Divide your hair.
Starting from one end to the other eyebrow, take a piece of hair that you want. hair cut styles with bangs..Take a section of hair you want bangs shaped like a V shape in front of your face.

Step 3: Pull back hair that does not want to cut.
Separate the hair to be cut with a no. Take the back of your hair that will not cut and tie back, then flops. Splitting hair bangs will make a neater shape.

Step 4: Start cutting.
Start by taking a small portion of the bangs, bangs cut into desired shapes. Remember you can always cut your hair into bangs, but once you make a mistake, you can not go back again. Make sure the pieces of bangs that you will do in an appropriate form. cut hairstyles with bangs. Avoid the mistake of thinking form what later cut bangs. Oblique bangs should be cut with any particular angle, while the fringe of the transverse (horizontal) to be cut from the front.

Step 5: Fix
After cutting the front of your hair into bangs, look at the results, whether it is too long or not neat? If you cut your bangs are wet, try to dry it out first to see if the bangs were made that it is accurate.


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