Here's Tips on How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Posted by pak yons on Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cutting your own bangs. Did you know that bangs hairstyles as not cracked swallowed by time. The proof many foreign celebrities let their hair bangs. The impression is simple, feminine, and sweet as can chime ponytail hair on various occasions; formal or casual.

When bangs are unruly, cut neatly a challenge. trim your own bangs..Because although it looks simple, in fact, requires precision cutting bangs and special tricks in order to match the results you want.

7 Tips how or techniques bangs cut his own hair.

Scissors and comb smooth clean
Hygiene is the key to all processes related to your body. Using clean scissors and comb to make sure that the cutting process is also free of dust, germs and unwanted bacteria. In addition, the cleanliness of scissors and comb also lets you cut bangs. cut your own bangs side swept..Scissors are not stalled while in use, with a maximum comb was also able to set your hair in the direction you want.

Dry your hair first
According to Nic Davis, hairdresser Earth, England, as natural as you can see what your hair bangs dangling when hair is dry. hair style bangs..You can also specify how many bangs to be cut from the hair strands.

Adjust the direction of your hair growth trend
You are required to see the trend of your hair bangs to the left or right, it could be straight. How simple it is to comb your hair to the top and see the inside (just above the forehead). In this process, do not be drawn, but with a simple Point your upward. bangs in the front,.Follow where your hair growing trend. If your hair is hanging straight down, your hands should also be placed horizontally appropriate angle to hold and clamp the part to be cut. If a slight incline, hold the hair well with a slope corresponding to him.

Separate the edges
After determining how much to cut. The edge should be secured position. Some commonly used way is to use a hair clip or tie it all to the rear along with the rest of your hair (ponytail). The simplest way, but not so recommended, is placed behind the ear.

Consider cutting techniques
Dumb and Dumber've watched? Remember how the order bangs Jim Carrey in the film. Rather than end up looking stupid like that, Mackenzie Brown of Marie Claire suggested that the position should be vertical shears. The notion that cutting bangs with scissors horizontal position instead make bangs look too stiff.

How much to cut?
It depends you. To that end, look for references on the internet about a good shape bangs for your face shape. Reporting from Fashionising, one hair trend that will increase in the next year is a very short piece of bangs. That means you have to cut more. Do not rush the cut. Note that the measures just a quarter inch cutouts so the result is more natural.

Start from the middle
To avoid pieces that remain and interfere with performance, cut the bangs from the middle. haircuts for long hair bangs..Do this carefully and cautiously.

Similarly, information about the 7 tips cut bangs techniques alone can we say may help.


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