5 Steps to Cut Your Own Bangs-how to cut bangs

Posted by pak yons on Friday, November 16, 2012

bangs are too long are often disturb us. If you did not get to the salon for cuts bangs, cut itself is actually not as difficult as you hear. cutting your own bangs, Hair stylist Anthony Nader of RAW Salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Australia, provides some steps cut bangs properly

1. Start by tying your hair back, leaving only bangs in front.

2. Spray the bangs with water, bangs swept.then blowdry straight ahead as he combed with a large brush comb.

3. Divide the pony into three horizontal sections. '' It's the easiest way to download trimming your bangs, "says Nader.

4. Pull the bangs section closest to the forehead, neatly comb, holding sharp scissors (about 10-12 cm long) with a slope angle of 45 degrees, then cut your bangs. cut hair bangs..Do not cut straight across bangs, but the blades first into small parts. Scissors used to the middle, and then the outside. "The cutting style will give results that look natural, and better than making a straight piece, rigid, and guided by your eyebrows," says Nader.

5. Repeat on the second part on the fringe, by adjusting the length of the first section as a benchmark bangs. Once done, do it again the same way for the third part. cut your own side bangs..If you have bangs on the side, this technique can also be applied. Nader advice, take a little used to cut hair. If still too long, you can cut it a little longer. Thus, no accidents since your bangs too short.


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