Shown Beautiful Pregnant current limit

Posted by pak yons on Monday, December 3, 2012

pregnant woman beautiful..Appear beautiful is no limit even during pregnancy though. However, when a woman is pregnant, there are specific restrictions in appearance. Here's fashion can and can not be followed by pregnant women.

1. Make up that goes into the body can cause toxic effects on the body. This greatly affects the condition of your baby. Reduce the habit of wearing makeup during pregnancy.

2. Avoid using the clothes are too tight laneways while pregnant. Tight clothing can affect the health of children in the womb.

3. The use of hair dyes can also harm the fetus. Because almost all hair dyes contain ammonia. Ammonia is a chemical substance that has a pungent odor and when inhaled can cause nausea and even vomiting.

4. Although not a few women who know that using a pedestal with high heels cause pain in the legs, high heels and still be excellent choices to look more beautiful. In addition to causing some health problems, wearing high heels can also lead to accidents, such as a sprained ankle or calf cramps. And these conditions will be more dangerous for pregnant women.

5. Plastic surgery during pregnancy will also resulted in an ugly thing. Not without reason, plastic surgeons usually use a lot of chemicals during the surgery. Known, these substances can penetrate the skin and mixes with the blood flow.

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